the privacy tool into permissionless code

In an industry with many founders, workers and users in Ukraine, the human impact of the conflict runs deep. PointPay’s experience underscores that point.
Las ganancias se produjeron tras el anuncio de un plan de inversión de $5000 millones por parte de Gala Games y otras importantes noticias sobre acuerdos y eventos.
The BIS review dedicated a special feature to discussing decentralized finance and its implications for financial stability.
Orchid announced Thursday its newly launched app would allow users to buy VPN bandwidth using in-app purchases powered by cryptocurrency.
Real world assets have entered DeFi, as the Maker protocol reportedly just minted $38,000 of dai stablecoins to finance a mortgage loan.
Set to launch Tuesday, the network would allow trading of assets from different blockchains without middlemen or synthetic “wrapped” substitutes.
Alchemy Pay USD price, real-time (live) charts, news and videos. Learn about ACHP value, bitcoin cryptocurrency, crypto trading, and more.
The firm is building the infrastructure to offer crypto market access to end users, CFO André Milanez said on Monday.
SushiSwap experienced a tumultuous weekend after its founder sold $13 million' worth of his stake in the project before turning the reigns over to investor and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

eBay to add crypto payment options soon, says CEO

The CFTC has charged BitMEX, CEO Arthur Hayes and other affiliated entities with offering US customers crypto trading services in violation of federal law.
After beta testing it last year, we’re rolling out DESK as an integral part of the experience at Consensus 2022 – and beyond.
The company also announced the formation of OneFootball Labs, a joint venture with Animoca Brands and Liberty City Ventures to accelerate its expansion into Web 3.
With NFTs taking off and the real real estate market buffeted by COVID-19, virtual worlds like Decentraland could be well placed to capitalize.
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) | Bitcoin Cash Price Index

Whales rejoice – a new project called Republic Protocol could enable large trades between ether, bitcoin and other cryptos that aren't possible today.
Attorney Jeremy Hogan says Ripple would be "feeling pretty good" with comments from the magistrate judge in the SEC's case against the firm and its executives.
Sam Ikkurty and Ravishankar Avadhanam are accused of using YouTube videos to dupe would-be clients into investing in various crypto funds.
The founders of two prominent crypto-related organizations said tightened restrictions could make it difficult for foreign tokens to list on Korean exchanges, discouraging projects from trying.
Looking for legal ways to buy BTC or other cryptocurrencies without attaching your name to it? Here are some options. This post is part of ruls Week.
Nayib Bukele is hosting financial representatives from 44 developing economies at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion's annual meeting.
A Web 3 summit in Paris has vaunted the country’s strengths and talent pool, but crypto advocates must battle for acceptance from skeptical financiers.

Andre Cronje : Founder of | #2

Is there a secure future for cross-chain bridges?

It took 12 hours and three different Apple devices, but this 30-something poet successfully minted her first NFT – and so can you. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating an NFT.
A Web 3 summit in Paris has vaunted the country’s strengths and talent pool, but crypto advocates must battle for acceptance from skeptical financiers.
With bitcoin steadying below $30,000, and a look at the human costs of speculation, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
Consensus 2022 will feature groundbreaking experiences that will show the different sides of the crypto and Web3 ecosystems.
Antminer S19 Pro+ Hyd. will deliver 198 terahashes per second (TH/s) of computing power, a 41% increase from Bitmain’s previous model S19 XP.
The community organizers are encouraging members to move to other social media platforms such as Telegram and Discord.
Trading volumes are surging on Uniswap and other so-called decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, challenging established venues like Coinbase.
IoTeX USD price, real-time (live) charts, news and videos. Learn about IOTX value, IoTeX cryptocurrency, crypto trading, and more

Do Crypto Trusts Save Taxes? Expert Take

Europe is seeing an increase in the number of issuers launching crypto ETPs as more investors are doing due diligence and want to invest in them.
Sam Bankman-Fried's Alameda Research has established ties with RenVM to bring more DeFi assets to the Solana blockchain.
Data provided shows that one of the biggest ICOs ever isn't guaranteeing success for Bancor. For two days last week, the three-month-old Uniswap saw more volume.
The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals found that the targets of SEC enforcement actions had their constitutional rights violated by the use of in-house judges.

IRS Tax Warnings on Ethereum’s Fifth Anniversary

The DAO is led by Nadya Tolokonnikova of the Russian art collective Pussy Riot and involves Beeple, Grimes and Gary Vaynerchuk.
Basis Cash, an algorithmic stablecoin project founded by the anonymous “Rick” and “Morty” in 2020, was actually the work of Terraform Labs employees.
Veil says no one has been able to support long-running markets on Augur, so they're creating AugurLite for early bets on the presidential election.

What is a honeypot crypto scam and how to spot it?

The technical lead for one of DeFi’s most prominent protocols is out after weeks of controversy and a 50% drop in the price of SUSHI over the last month.
The country’s only exchange is evaluating opportunities in asset tokenization and digital asset custody, and it also plans to launch a crypto ETF.

Lightning Network | Top News and Stories

Introducing on-chain governance to crypto networks is likely to make them more like nation-states with the inefficiencies that entails.
This is a weird year for everything and everyone but it's particularly weird for Ethereum – which is known for a globetrotting slate of annual events.
The ex Commodity Futures Trading Commission chief discusses regulation, digital dollars and financial inclusion. This article is part of pages Payments Week.
The country is close to approving trials of the central bank digital currency in a number of cities and regions; bitcoin and ether drop as risk-on appetite fades.
NFT all-stars, crypto best practices and the geopolitical significance of China's hot and cold relationship with crypto. Here's Day 2 at Consensus.
With bitcoin losing key support as Ethereum transaction costs skyrocket, plus a look at why competitive crypto payments are more important than you’d think, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
Los inversores han abandonado en gran medida el ecosistema Terra, ahora evidente en los protocolos DeFi en la blockchain, y los analistas siguen siendo escépticos sobre sus perspectivas a largo plazo.

Types of DAOs and how to create a decentralized autonomous organization

Terra's UST briefly fell below $6.5 billion in market cap on Wednesday morning, allowing DAI to be the fourth-biggest stablecoin on the market for a time.
Although Terra's collapse has raised existential questions about the future of DeFi, some traders appear to be preparing for a return to altcoins; BTC remains rangebound below $30,000 in Tuesday trading.
Japanese exchange Coincheck has confirmed that about $533 million-worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen from its digital wallets.
Bitcoins are discovered rather than printed. Computers around the world “mine” for coins by competing with each other.
DeFi fund Framework Ventures has purchased roughly 5 percent of Kava Labs' outstanding token supply ahead of the CDP platform's launch next month.
Hayes se declaró culpable de un cargo de violación de la Ley de Secreto Bancario (BSA) en febrero y enfrentó una sentencia de hasta 12 meses de prisión.
The DeFi Education Fund weighs in on the New York state legislature's attempt to curb proof-of-work mining, and dreams of energy abundant future.
Iran's push to license bitcoin mining could help it evade U.S. sanctions. But the plan is likely to help some of its people more than others.
Cryptocurrency trading platform and crypto mining firm NiceHash were two of at least six firms that had control of their domains briefly transferred.
Jaimin is the CEO & co-founder of Reconcile, a real-time tax planning app for accountants and their DIY investing clients. He also helps connect crypto investors with expert tax professionals. This post is part of pages Tax Week.
More IRS crypto reporting, more danger

The meeting was held in the Indian IT hub of Bengaluru, and was the second time the finance committee has met representatives of the crypto industry.
Bitso, Coinbase and Circle have launched new services tapping into the steady money flow between Mexico and the United States, and taking on established players like Western Union. This piece is part of pages Payments Week.
Cardano's ADA token is racking up impressive gains this year, possibly over speculation the network's early adoption of a proof-of-stake blockchain might help it win a growing share of the DeFi space.
The evolution in interest among TradFi, which was once dominated by diehard crypto skeptics, from crypto curiosity to crypto commitment is perhaps the industry’s most important move yet.
By tapping into its bitcoin reserves, UST’s salvation may have exacerbated a bitcoin sell-off that brought BTC to its lowest price since July 2021.
The company's new Virtual Machine Threat Detection (VMTD) will be able to identify threats from coin mining, data exfiltration and ransomware.
La fusión de la red de prueba permitiría a los desarrolladores trabajar en cualquier riesgo o error potencial antes de que Ethereum pase a ser una red proof-of-stake.
The donation by the online subscription platform is among the many crypto-based efforts to support Ukraine during its war against Russia.
The controversial crypto entrepreneur explains how an algorithmic stablecoin can still succeed while denying rumors he was behind the de-pegging of Terra’s failed UST.
Decred is handing control of its $21 million treasury and all aspects of the protocol, from consensus through staffing, over to token holders.

Hard Fork | Latest News on Bitcoin and Ethereum

Latest News on World Economic Forum

KNC USD price, real-time (live) charts, KNC crypto news and videos. Learn about KNC value, the kyber network, crypto trading and more.
What is Sorare and how to play it?
New features from DeFi platform Kava look to get large bitcoin holders to lend – though the firm admits it could be a tall order.
With crypto markets dipping into the red and a closer look at bitcoin’s energy footprint, pages Markets Daily is back with the latest news roundup.
A survey conducted in 2021 by the Bank for International Settlements found more than half of central banks are developing CBDCs or running concrete experiments.
The BCU plans to finalize a proposal to amend the current legal provisions covering digital assets and create a clear framework for their regulation by the end of the year.
my page correspondent Robin Dhara gets an introduction to bitcoin by attending a London meetup for fan and supporters of the currency.
Double-digit percentage losses were the norm across the cryptocurrency sector as the Nasdaq tumbled another 4% and bitcoin plunged to just above $30,000.
“Most users who used Chivo after spending the $30 bonus do not engage with the app intensively,” the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research reported.
To offset the impact of rising inflation, the IRS has revised a number of tax provisions to let people keep more of their money in their wallets for the 2022 tax year. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.
A former employee improperly accessed reports related to U.S. customer accounts. The reports did not contain personally identifiable information.
This blockchain-based app's users must purchase a "virtual sneaker" NFT to earn crypto rewards. Consumer advisory: They start at around $800.

A beginner's guide on algorithmic stablecoins

Branded Content Editor - Crypto Jobs

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price Analysis

Everyone has questions about the metaverse these days. We rounded up some of the more popular queries to help people understand and start exploring the metaverse.
Defining Bitcoin: Money, Currency or Store of Value
Amid criticism of its first security ceremony, zcash has made changes as it prepares for a fork. But has it done enough to silence the skeptics?
The blockchain center at the University of Wyoming will feature a Plutus development facility, providing blockchain developers with an applied laboratory for writing code in cardano's smart-contract language.
An anonymous DeFi user deployed Curve Finance’s DAO and token smart contracts without the team’s permission, but the Curve team is adopting it anyway.
Crypto’s top industry leaders including Sam Bankman-Fried, Cathie Wood, Mike Novogratz, Changpeng Zhao, Cynthia Lummis and more.
The introduction of stateless clients should make running an Ethereum node easier than ever, leading to true decentralization and resilience of the network.
In an effort to position the recently formed EOS Foundation as an ecosystem leader, CEO Yves La Rose claimed in a speech Wednesday that “EOS has been a terrible investment.”
South Africa's Standard Bank, the largest in Africa, is piloting a functional bitcoin portal developed by Singapore company Switchless.

daily Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News

U.K. citizens that invested or dealt with crypto over the last year may be required to pay taxes on their trades. Here's what you need to know. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.
Portfolio Manager at daily Consulting - Crypto Jobs
A tax consultant and CPA analyzes the recent decision by the IRS to refund $3,200 to the Tennessee couple taxed on their Tezos staking rewards. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.
The collection amassed huge popularity in crypto circles but its creator has now acknowledged being the person behind a pseudonymous account allegedly linked to an online cult.
Salvadorans can now use Strike to receive remittances from their families abroad without the added hassle of currency conversion. The EU is next.
It’s seeking to be the centerpiece of Web 3, but a successful metaverse could run headfirst into some old-style protectionist barriers like work permits and data blocks, trade policy expert Sam Lowe tells us.
Crypto secures a place in the African American saga
A survey conducted in 2021 by the Bank for International Settlements found more than half of central banks are developing CBDCs or running concrete experiments.
The payments firm formerly known as Square took note of a slowdown in business in January due to the Omicron variant, but a growth recovery thus far in February.
Since Bitcoin doesn't have centralized leadership, Bitcoin Improvement Proposals are essential for the community to discuss and approve any upgrades.
Trading volumes are surging on Uniswap and other so-called decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, challenging established venues like Coinbase.
Moxie Marlinspike founded Signal and is on record as being an adviser to MobileCoin. An old white paper suggests his involvement in the latter may be more complicated.
The pandemic has made Americans increasingly open to getting help from the government. The Biden budget aims to make the most of those feelings.
TRIBL servirá para recompensar gastos empresariales de pequeñas y medianas empresas de mercados emergentes dentro de su plataforma, afirmó la compañía.
Members of the decentralized autonomous organization will be able to determine athlete selection, team management and team strategy.
The fintech, which provides lending services for crypto holders wanting fiat currency, also closed a $6 million seed funding round led by Khosla Ventures and Kindred Ventures.

Price analysis 5/2: BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL, XRP, LUNA, ADA, DOGE, AVAX, DOT

PwC's Hong Kong division is exploring best practices for issuing stablecoins with non-profit Loopring Foundation. Auditing, though, is another matter.
The social network’s new tip wallet and forthcoming NFT verification are game-changers - and a bulwark against attempts to co-opt a movement.

Tim Haldorsson - daily Innovation Circle

XRP’s rise came amid positive sentiment for the payments tokens as Ripple founder Brad Garlinghouse said his company’s ongoing defense against the SEC’s lawsuit was going “much better than expected.”
Recording artists Biddl3, actress GG Townson and producer Carey explain their corners of the entertainment world, contributing their unique views on the challenges of the industry and how social media and other new technologies can be powerful tools to build content, brand and engagement with fans.
Nayib Bukele recibe a representantes financieros de 44 economías en desarrollo en la reunión anual de la Alianza para la Inclusión Financiera.
Pseudonymous developer Sunny King, the creator of proof-of-stake, has a new approach for the consensus mechanism – and it revolves around hardware.
XRP’s rise came amid positive sentiment for the payments tokens as Ripple founder Brad Garlinghouse said his company’s ongoing defense against the SEC’s lawsuit was going “much better than expected.”
Almost half of Germans to invest in crypto: Report
Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen are calling the SEC's subpoenas to banks “wholly inappropriate overreach” and an invasion of privacy.
Once enterprise blockchain’s biggest backer, these days IBM is focused on cementing valuable partnerships with crypto custody firms.
The SEC-registered investment adviser plans to offer curated, risk-adjusted crypto portfolios to its customers in early 2022.
Stimulating conversations with BT, Deadmau5, Damon Dash, James ‘Munky’ Shaffer and others where niche meets mainstream culture. Tuesdays at 4 p.m. ET through February 2022.
Es probable que exista un breve rebote hacia una zona de alivio, similar a lo que ocurrió a finales de febrero y finales de marzo.

Google seeks fresh talent to lead global Web3 team

Being a crypto-competent advisor can help to differentiate yourself from other financial professionals and add value to your client relationships and practice.
With the U.S. tax deadline (April 18) around the corner, confusion about cryptocurrency taxes abounds. Here are some ways you might have your facts wrong, according to ZenLedger COO, Dan Hunnum. This piece is part of pages Tax Week.

How to store NFT assets — A beginner's guide

A unique opportunity for brands and organizations to grow, make connections and demonstrate value to a diverse community of blockchain, crypto and Web3 enthusiasts.
A group of hackers have allegedly colluded with computer maintenance firms in China to place malware on internet cafe computers to mine cryptos.
The number of crypto spot products and derivatives that can be traded are increasing daily and new applications are being built and developed on both CeFi and DeFi. The different market structures that support CeFi and DeFi lead to new trading opportunities. Join OKX, Amber, B2C2 and Avelacom for a live webinar that will address crypto market structures and the opportunities they present.
With bitcoin avoiding a steeper tumble and a look at what’s behind the biggest stablecoin of them all, pages "Markets Daily" is back with its latest news roundup.

A review of key bitcoin and crypto narratives.

The U.K. regulator will meet crypto experts to discuss how to handle disclosing information related to issuance of crypto assets, regulatory obligations and custody regulations.
BVNK currently processes $2 billion in annualized payments, which it aims to grow to serve cross-border businesses with fast payments and banking in crypto and fiat.

What is the Ethereum Arrow Glacier upgrade?

The payments firm formerly known as Square took note of a slowdown in business in January due to the Omicron variant, but a growth recovery thus far in February.
F2Pool, the largest bitcoin mining pool in the world, controls 20% of the network's hashrate. F2Pool's Thomas Heller explains the economics of mining.
Right now, we can only use Bitcoin scripts to designate when or why a bitcoin is spent. But what if we could use it to designate how a bitcoin is spent?
Developers of ether mixer Tornado Cash have destroyed their admin keys, turning the privacy tool into permissionless code.
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